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Rules And regulations

Post by Mafia don on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:12 am

(I'll be changing and adding rules.)

Forum Rules.
1: The English language is only aloud on these forums, Any Topics/Posts in another language will be removed, Unless the post is translated in English as well
2: No insulting people/(or saying their files suck etc) on this forum site, You'll get warnings and if you continue you'll get a ban.
3: Do "Not" ask for administrator on the servers/site.
4: Don't ask to take down a server and put up another instead.
5: Don't Act like your an administrator or moderator on the forums if your not.
6:Don't Pm me more than once about the same subject Once is enough, and Don't keep asking on topics if i haven't reply, you need to wait.( for example you want a map added.)
7:If your going to ask for moderator you need good enough English.
8:Keep the face palm image thing to a minimum as it's over used too much on this forum. ( you can use it but not too much)
9:Users who post "maps" that they want on the server(s), should create a transfer file list, for the files.
10: Multiple accounts per person is forbidden and will result in a ban.
11: Making useless, trash topics will result in a warning first, if continues, a ban. Also includes the part, if you can't find the appropriate forum section for your announcement, multiple times.

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